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Congratulations on your recent engagement. I am sure you are overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of planning a wedding. One of your most important decisions will be choosing the right photographer. After all, when all is said and done, you want every fine detail of this monumental occasion to be preserved for you to cherish as long as you live. The beading on your dress, the flowers that you carried, the icing on the cake, the ring upon your finger, you want nothing to be overlooked. You want to remember exactly how you felt as you took that first step down the aisle. The expressions shared as you first gazed lovingly into your soul mates' eyes as each step down the aisle brought you closer and closer to professing your undying love. That first kiss that felt like no other. Not to mention the joy manifested in every smile and tear shed as you spent those first hours celebrating as husband and wife. You would not, and most certainly cannot, entrust the most important day of your life to just any photographer. You need a photographer who understands the power of this single day and who is committed to nothing less than extraordinary.

Joel understands how precious each and every second of your wedding day really is. He approaches each day and each fleeting moment as if it were his own. For Joel there is nothing more rewarding than being able to witness and preserve the thousands of emotions unveiled as two people vow to cherish one another for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health as long as life allows. Married himself, Joel knows that it is truly an amazing thing to love and to be loved unconditionally. Therefore, Joel strives to capture all of the demonstrations of your unmistakable love with his lens so that you can have these images to put wherever you like and to take with you wherever you go, so that you can be reminded each and every day of your forever love.

Joel is so invested in his clients that he insists on doing everything in his power to serve them. Joel knows how busy and stressful life can be when planning a wedding and for this reason he is willing to drive to meet each couple at the location of their choice to show them his work and to discuss different options. He is also happy to give recommendations for other vendors he has worked with and has been especially impressed by. Furthermore, while many photographers charge a separate fee for an engagement session, Joel includes an engagement shoot in all his packages because he feels that establishing a relationship with his clients is vital. Not only is the engagement shoot an excellent opportunity for Joel and the couples he photographs to get to know one another, but Joel also feels it is important to show his clients that they are in good hands. Joel's down to earth personality, his eagerness to please, as well as his love and talent for photography only touch the surface as to why he is the photographer that you could, and most certainly should, entrust the most important day of your life to.