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About Us

I started life as the young son of a father that was a devoted hobbyist and part time wedding photographer in Minneapolis, MN. I remember many magazines laying around the coffee table that had fantastic images from National Geographic and 'Modern Photography' magazine. We were very lucky and had a real darkroom with chemical processing and all! My first pictures were with my Kodak Brownie of my dog Sparky. I completely craved the magic of photography from then on.

My Father and Uncle are phenomenal musicians and I'm not kidding!! They kick/ed butt. My Dad was on national television in the 60's and won many regional and national awards. He remains a great musician and a hero to me. Well, long story short...I became a musician myself in the 4th grade and have spent the majority of my life following the dream of being a musician. I won Florida's best guitarist contest, toured the country and local scene with a pop/rock band, appeared on national prime-time television, performed for state and federal politicians and gave back to the community by traveling and playing for many non-profit causes. I even owned a successful 4,000 square foot recording studio, A440 Studios, in Minneapolis, MN.

Through life changes and opportunity, I rekindled my first love for photography and reshaped it into my full time professional career since 2003. I am desperately in love with my passion. I guess I love photography because it's a part of my upbringing AND I like to make people look and feel good about themselves.

This blog will be about what I do professionally as well as personally. I may give tips for beginning photographers, getting better family photos, baby and maternity portraits, as well as post recent work from weddings, family portraits, baby's, kids, senior photography and security cameras if it feels good. You should be able to use the links at the bottom of the page to filter the blog based on personal or professional posts.

I hope you can find something here of interest and I welcome your comments always!

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Thank you for visiting and reading!

Best Regards,
John Hanson