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About Us

Over the last twenty years, John Unrue has delivered captivating photographs for hundreds of brides and is known among his peers for true innovation in imagery. On any given day you can ask John what his latest new idea is and undoubtedly it’s something no other photographer is doing yet. John is a true artist and leader in the industry who sets trends and creates consistently, breathtaking, quality images that will evoke the beauty of a moment for generations.

An award-winning photojournalist who has been featured in hundreds of bridal magazines, John’s greatest compliment is his images are often licensed by top wedding brands and magazines to market their own businesses. This caliber of work has also earned him the honor of photographing hundreds of couples including many high-profile families and celebrities.

John’s passion has grown into a company of talented photographers who have been inspired, taught and personally mentored by him. These artists have trained side by side John for nearly ten years. Their proven success has earned them the title of Unrue Associates and the ability to represent quality, consistency and innovation when they are dispatched as a team or as the lead photographer.

This talented group is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and while John travels frequently to global destinations, you will always find a friendly and helpful person at the studio.

For unmatched creativity and iconic images, John Unrue is the ideal professional and one of the most accomplished and innovative photojournalists of our time.