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About Us

Jonathan Durling has the ability to connect with people and cultures in their own homeland, all over the world. In his photographic work, he uncovers their unique stories and passions. He draws love stories with light in the universal language that transcends culture and time. This universality that Jonathan brings to his craft has drawn him to photograph across five continents.

Jonathan takes pride in his ability to make a mean espresso. He enjoys playing piano for relaxation, and is studying French and Hindi. His interest in photography was sparked at age five, and began to develop at age 14 in Brazil, where he spent most of his formative years. He had the privilege of learning under great mentors, including Anthony Boccaccio from National Geographic, who constantly challenged him to see and write in light. Jonathan has traveled to over twenty countries and led numerous photojournalistic and commissioned projects.

Although Jonathan is available to document select weddings worldwide, he is based in Michigan, spends the winters photographing weddings in India, and spends a few weeks per year shooting in Brazil.



Jonathan is a true artist-his Engagement sessions are the most beautiful I have ever seen! A bridal couple is in "great hands of a true master photographer and artist" with Jonathan. Elizabeth

Nov 22, 2011