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About Us

As you will see from her website, Joni Kabana has an innate ability to draw a person naturally into the view of her camera. Her images are all about the person and event, and not about her as a repetitive technician.

She is not commercial in her approach, yet she has over 20 years of portrait experience and her national award-winning imagery has been published in numerous magazines and books all over the world.

When photographing people, she stands by these principles: never force an image, and allow the subjects to participate. This brings forth an ease of interaction and a sensitive portrayal of people. When viewing her images, many have relayed: "I can feel the heart beating in that person".

Weddings are days with much activity and intensity. Joni moves effortlessly through the event and quite often people will remark about how they really enjoyed her presence. She simply brings out in her images the love people share, even in the most sensitive situations.

She is there on your day for you, your friends and your family…. and for generations to come as they hold your precious portraits or view your picture show set to music.

"The images are absolutely stunning. You have a gift for capturing things in people. I know photography is mostly an inherent talent; however, I wonder if you did have training, and if so, was it in another country? The quality of what you are able to capture in people reminds me of very touching foreign films." ~Maureen