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About Us

Brave Apollo Productions provides wedding videos with a stunning cinematic look and personal touch. Let us make your wedding look as good as you’ll remember it! Our team of film and video professionals shoot everything in crystal clear 1080p HD, and all our service packages come with full coverage of the event, and a montage set to your own music. We are based in Chapel Hill and serve the Triangle and the rest of North Carolina.

More than any other format, video is the most vivid way to relive a cherished memory. We are able to capture the laugh along with the smile, or more importantly the “I do” and toast from the best man. That’s why I want to give all of our videos a timeless quality that will look as beautiful today as it will when you watch it on your 30th anniversary. For us, that means crafting a video that looks polished but gives a “natural” feel.

Our videos are more than just a record of events, I want to convey the emotions and the feel of the wedding. To me, it’s all about candid moments. A bride laughing with her bridesmaids over an inside joke, a nervous shuffle as the groom waits at the alter, the flower girl practicing in the hallway, the little things often have a way of saying more than anything else. Our opening montage is a wonderful way to remember these touching moments, made even more personal by setting it to a song that is meaningful to you. I believe real life can be more beautiful than anything we try to create as filmmakers, so our videographers do their best to stay out of the way and make sure the focus stays on you.