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About Us

The scent and taste of a great cake...... invoke a memory, and suddenly I'm there in the warm kitchen with my grandmother. With her, I learned to bake the best way - with the finest ingredients, love and prayer. My fondest memories of childhood are in that big kitchen of hers, where we worked, ate and laughed together.

The spirit of that place and time is in our cakes today - the spirit of true quality, ingenuity, family, and love.

At Joseph's, we use only the finest ingredients: imported chocolate, Oregon unsalted butter, heavy whipping cream and the best liqueurs and natural flavors. We create cakes using old-world techniques, adding contemporary flavor combinations and design. Our work looks beautiful and tastes even better.

We make many kinds of cakes. We make our own fruit fillings and curds using fresh juices. Our butter creams are true to flavor and made with natural flavors only. Please talk to us about your favorite dessert cake or whatever you may envision. Sorry, but as far as wedding cakes are concerned, we do not fill or ice with whipped cream, pastry creams (custard), or mousses. Please visit our wedding cakes page for a few ideas on our most popular ingredients.

ORDERING~ To start the ordering process for your cake, please call us for an appointment. During the appointment, we recommend that you bring any photos or color swatches that would help in the design and style of your special wedding cake. We have photographs of wedding cakes as well as 3” sample cakes of just a few of our delicious combinations. Two weeks prior to delivery we confirm the final details about numbers to be served, type of cake, delivery time and destination.