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About Us

Hi, this is Josh Reeder and thanks for taking a second to read this brochure. The most important thing on your wedding day is not the photography, and the most important person on your wedding day is not the photographer.

The most important thing is that have the time or your lives as you are celebrating your love for one another with the people you care about the most. I have been to too many weddings where its all about the photographer --- the wedding with the photographer that is a photo diva in the center of attention telling people what to do and where to go. "We need to hurry up and get to the reception so that we can cut the cake so the photographer can get it." My goal is that you have a great time and never get stressed about anything. We want the smiles in the pictures to be real. We are not there to make up fake memories like a hazy picture of you staring through a window pining for your lost lover. We don't do that. Its the 21 century and we want your photos to be modern, fresh, but also timeless. We don't use all of the obvious photoshop effects to cover up poor photos. We want the photos to look great now and forever. We are fun to be around and we want your day to be full of love and joy, happiness and energy without any stress and expectation.

Please make sure you visit our website. There are lots of photos to see.

Thank you for your time,

Josh Reeder