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Randy and Joyce's work is exquisite. Their presence is soft and unobtrusive. They are fast and precise. Their eye is kind and intelligent. I looked for dynamic documentary style, elegant portraits, symbolic details, moody landscape and fluid compositions. I didn't want just memories, I wanted art. 

Natalya Shulyakovskaya, Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE BEAUTIFUL SHOTS! Randy and Joyce were great to work with for the entire wedding process - from our first meeting before we officially booked them to the day itself.  They were extremely concerned with making sure we had the exact photos we wanted and that they captured the emotion and details of the wedding.  My friends and family were also comfortable working with them and we never felt awkward in front of the camera. The finished product speaks for itself - stunning, beautiful shots.  We are so happy with their photography and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them completely to anyone looking for wedding photography or any other artistic photography! 

Dominic and Jaime, Elk Cove Inn, Inn at Victorian Gardens

Abbie and I believe that Joyce and Randy elevate themselves above other photographers primarily because they take the time to develop friendships with their subjects, and in so doing feed their already formidable instincts.  By the time our wedding day arrived, we had already met with Joyce and Randy on several occasions and were ready to place our full trust in them to capture something beyond the rote and posed -- to capture the fleeting and illusive, treasured moments that are all-too-easily missed in the hectic excitement of a wedding.  We were rewarded with photo after photo – from candid, intimate close-ups to light-hearted group shots – that repeatedly displayed their knack for anticipating, recognizing and capturing prized and poignant moments with candor and clarity.  Furthermore, Randy and Joyce always seemed to be positioned for great shots while maintaining an unobtrusive presence throughout the proceedings. We would highly recommend Joyce and Randy to anyone interested in seeking more of the same! 

Abbie and John, Ledford House, Albion

Choosing the photographer who would capture our wedding was both the most difficult and the easiest choice we had to make.  As with most couples, having beautiful wedding photos that would provide lasting memories was one of our highest priorities.   Although we were getting married in Mendocino, we were willing to bring a photographer from elsewhere if he/she were the right person for the job.  This broad search made the decision process a long one as we spent weeks interviewing photographers and scouring websites to find that photographer who could not only take beautiful pictures (there are many photographers who can take a great shot) but also capture the spirit and story of the wedding.  When we met Joyce and Randy, the decision became an easy one - they were the perfect match.  While we had seen many great photos, their body of work was by far a cut above the rest.  They are the consummate wedding photographers who continue to see the beauty, love, and joy in weddings.  In addition, as a team they brought two different artistic styles which would ensure our wedding would be captured from a number of perspectives.  Finally, although we didn't know it when we began the process, we quickly realized how important it was for us to also work with true professionals with a great sense of humor and flexibility.  Weddings after all bring all sorts of craziness, and Joyce and Randy stepped beyond their roles as chroniclers to help calm nerves and ensure things ran smoothly!  And we were certainly not disappointed by our photographs.  Their photographs captured not only the events and emotions of the day - they tell the story of family and friendships, of past, present and future.  We chose not to have a videographer at our wedding because we knew that what actually happened there was not as important as the emotions that were felt as we brought our lives together in celebration.  From traditional formal shots to poignant moments caught in passing, Joyce and Randy's photographs capture that spirit exactly, and we can't thank them enough for providing eternal reminders of the joy of that time! 

Sophia and Kyle, MacCallum House, Mendocino

We want to thank you for your professionalism and time photographing our wedding. The end result shows your talent as true artists. We are just over the moon with happiness about how our photos turned out. They are stunning! We had a great time getting to know you both. The engagement shoot helped us warm up to being "center stage" and we had a lot of fun. Thank you for capturing our personalities so well in your shots. We couldn't have hoped for anything better! 

Melissa and Tri. Mendocino Weddings, Russian Gulch State Park

Joyce and Randy were wonderful. The pictures they took captured our wedding day just as we wanted, with a journalistic style and a minimum of the cliche poses. They captured the big moments, but they also got the subtle moments that made up the tapestry of the wedding and reception. Something would happen and Joyce or Randy would be there! There is distinct artistry in their pictures and it's obvious they have a passion for what they do. And they're very nice people. We highly recommend them. 

Nicole and Joe, MacCallum House, Mendocino

When making recommendations regarding wedding photography, Randy and Joyce are at the top of our list at the MacCallum House. Their positive energy, technical skills and creativity make them an ideal choice for photographing weddings. Because they work together as a team, both armed with cameras, they are able to capture moments that would be missed by other photographers working by themselves. There is a reason why a majority of our clients choose Randy and Joyce for their weddings, they are true professionals.

Jed Ayres, Owner, MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant

We really really enjoyed working with J.Perlman R.Lutge Photography. Having a duo was great in that not a moment was lost. They were very unobtrusive and yet completely thorough. We really can't say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with them.  We chose them primarily because of the quality of their artistic work. Yes, we have all these posed shots that please the family and fill the albums, but we also have delightful candid shots that truly capture our relationship and the joy and meaning of the day. I would work with them as a duo for sure. The other thing that was totally unexpected was how fun it was to work with a couple and watch them in their partnership while celebrating our own. All in all, I recommend Joyce and Randy without hesitation and most definitely as a team.

Karin and Callum, MacCallum House, Mendocino