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About Us

I would like to make you a custom wedding cake topper, a Prom figurine, or something to remember that very special occasion.

I use polymer clay, it will last a lifetime. Most of the orders I have done were created from emailed pictures. I do ask for good pictures with good detail. I need front, back, both side views of the dress, what the veil, hair style, and bouquet look like, and of course the jewelry. Then also what the groom is wearing. I need a picture of the couple so I can get the height right.

I put in as much detail as I can. All of the couples I have done these for have been very satisfied with the finished product.

About me: I got serious about doing this about two years ago, and I love it. I love the joy on a person's face when they see that their topper represents them so well. Or the girl that has this memento of her junior prom dress that she just loved, but will never wear again.

Send pictures, we will talk!



Julie’s custom toppers are beautiful cake toppers!! Julie is amazing with her attention to details!

Sep 21, 2012