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About Us

Everyone has a story. I love to meet new people and find out about their story. What they do and what brought them to where they are now just scratch the surface about who someone is. Learning about people like this not only helps me see how the couple imagines their wedding day, but also breaks the fitting between "client" and "vendor." Justin becomes friends with the bride and groom, often meeting up for coffee or just hanging out, even well after all business is done.

Before I started photographing weddings, I shot sports, landscapes, and everything in-between. Without any formal photography schooling, I haven't had a style forced upon me. Photography just came natural. I have shot for newspapers, magazines, art galleries, etc., all of which helped me see what I like and don't like in a photograph. Being a proud member of Pictage, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, I am able to travel around the country to conferences led by the world's best photographers to learn new techniques in wedding photography.

Instead of arranging, I observe. I believe people look their best when they aren't aware a camera is on them. Having a photojournalistic approach to capturing weddings allows people to stop thinking about what they look like, and lets them be themselves. Despite having this approach, I still allow time for artistic portraits to be taken at the wedding.