Justin Cash Music

110 East Exchange Avenue
Dallas, TX 76164
United States

Justin Cash Music

Beautiful solo acoustic guitar, classy jazz trio, full-out party band. THE first-call guitarist and singer that does it all. Listen to the samples here to get an idea of the type of music you would like at your event.

The best live music I have ever heard.
- Kelly Hay, Laura’s Event Services

You added such a touch of coolness, calmness, classiness, and that oh so elusive and wonderful “je ne sais quoi” to our wedding!

Our first dance was so sweet… and I tell ya… Frank Sinatra himself couldn’t do it any better.

Does your wife know how lucky she is!?
- Kristin Robinson, Dallas, TX

Beautiful solo classical guitar, classy jazz trio, full-out Party Band- this first call Dallas musician does it all.