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139 N Timber Drive
Nashville, TN 37214 United States

+1 615 669-6555

Depending on your needs we can build a custom photobooth with your color scheme or a completely custom background and props to match your theme. We can also design and create custom step and repeat backdrops with your company or event’s logo (just like you see along the red carpet).

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We are located in Nashville, TN and service all of Middle TN (Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Franklin).  We are also available for travel anywhere in the world!

How it works

Magic.  No seriously.  Our photobooths are powered by magic.  Something happens when you step into our booth (which technically isn’t a booth, but more on that later) you loosen up, your smile gets bigger and suddenly you are having the time of your life with your closest old (or new) friends.

The photobooth isn’t a new concept or something that we invented.  We just took an old concept and poured our secret sauce all over it.  With our custom photobooth experiences you can fit more awesome into the frame (the current record is 18 smiles in one picture)!



We use the same pro equipment that we use when photographing models in our studio.  The way that we put it all together puts the emphasis on you and capturing your best and craziest moments in real-time.

Our big-box-o-props helps to spark your creativity and inspires some awesome memories.  If you get stuck on poses our friendly photographer/booth operator can coach you and your friends.  Then as fast as you can say 1-2-3 Smile! your photos will show up on our giant view screen for you and all your friends to enjoy!


Photobooth Fun!

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We specialize in creating custom themed photobooth experiences that push the boundaries of traditional photobooths and generate buzz and lasting memories for your wedding. We are based in Nashville, TN and service all of Middle Tennessee.