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About Us

"Your Cherished Memories
Captured in Motion..."

"I had no idea our Mothers held hands after lighting the candles at the alter."  ~Jen C.

Your wedding day is such a whirlwind that little things like this can slip by unnoticed, but a movie of your day will never fail to bring back all the emotions and magical moments that made it so special.  And each time you watch your movie, you will have a chance to experience those "little things".

Always discreet and professional, my approach is very candid and relaxed.  I strive to capture your day and your memories in a romantic and graceful, yet sophisticated and contemporary style.  And with all digital filming and editing, the final movie will have a true cinematic feel with credits, transitions, and background music.

I use no bright artificial lighting, no giant rolling tripods, and do not do guest interviews unless it is specifically requested of me.  In other words, I am the fly on the wall at your wedding!