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About Us

Artography is a phrase created by King and Spivey to explain our style of photography and image creation. Artography is more than just capturing an image, it is the creative use of light, angles, composition, energy, as well as the use of artistic skills while processing the image in the computer using "state of the art" software. Artography employs the use of black and white, sepia tone, color or a combination of all three. It also utilizes many other techniques each of which depends on the vision of the artist. In this process a great image truly becomes a work of art.

The first step in artography is making our clients feel totally comfortable with our photographers which allows their true personality to be captured on digital film. While taking the required portraits, King and Spivey specializes in using a photojournalistic approach to photography. True photojournalism dictates that the photographer be discreet while capturing the occasion and not choreograph the event. To do so, King and Spivey averages over 2000 images taken per wedding. We then choose the best of the best and give our clients approximately 400-600 images from which to choose.

Artography insures that all our albums and artwork are unique and not carbon copy of someone