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About Us

"Green Screen" is a technology that has been use in motion pictures for years. We now bring that same technology to your wedding reception or event! We set up a mini-studio with professional lights, cameras and a large Green Screen Background. Our software drops out the green and we replace it with any digital image or graphic that goes with your theme. We can put your guest on the Moon or even the Las Vegas strip! We can also lay type onto the picture to personalize the photos. We then print the picture on the spot in a  matter of seconds! Our dye sublimation printers (real lab printers) can print a 4x6 in 7 seconds and a 5x7 in just 12 seconds! We also have 8x10 & 8x12 printing available.
Our Classic Photo Booth is a smaller version of the Green Screen Photo Booth that prints strips of 4 images. It is operated by your guest in a pavilion setting with our service tech on site. The Classic can handle 6-8 people. The guest touch the touch screen to begin the count down and 4 pictures are taken and printed on the spot. The Classic offers green screen backgrounds as well.
Visit our web site and check out the short videos to get a fee for how and what we can do to make your wedding reception a huge hit.