534 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94113
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About Us

San Francisco is no ordinary town. And KV & Co.’s photography studio is no exception. Through their unique blend of cinematic artistry and a refined appreciation for individual personalities, they create unforgettable images that are collaborative works of art.

Specializing in couples and wedding photos, the studio takes time to get to know their subjects, getting a sense of their quirks, sense of humor, and how best to bring out who they are on film. They specialize in wide-lens CinemaScope-style photo shoots, which are carefully story-boarded, stylized and choreographed in advance so that a couple can stage various tableaux vivants that tell both a cinematic side-story, and the real-life tale of their relationship. For weddings, they capture both sweeping images and the intimate moments that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle of the big day.

— Gilt City Editor