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About Us

Planning the "perfect" wedding is one step towards the ultimate goal of creating a beautiful marriage. I offer premarital counseling, or marriage and relationship eduation, for couples preparing for marraige or already married.

A loving and lasting marriage includes developing practical knowlege about successful relationships, and developing core relationship skills such as good communication and conflict resolution. You will learn about yourself and your partner, while undertanding what practices contribute to making a marriage last.

Premarital preperation and relationship education is one of the most powerful tools for ensuring the love you and your partner currently feel is the ground by which you build a successful marriage. 

Our time together will be educational, solution focused and fun. Premarital counseling is an empowering process. Considering the costs of planning a wedding or of going through a divorce, investing in your happiness and in the success of your marriage is money well spent. 

I look forward to hearing from you!