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About Us

Do you realize that about 45% of a great wedding video will be filled with wonderful sights and sounds that you will have completely missed out on without a video? At Envisioned Video we have a knack for quickly becoming insiders and realizing your unique tastes and preferences. In addition, our friendly personable style quickly puts you and your guests at ease with us.  The video that we record is very real and natural and always entertaining.  It's the "just right little things" that will make your wedding video most memorable.

Producing a great wedding video takes creativity, sensitivity, energy, insight, passion, and experience and an incredible amount of work . A good videographer must also consider his work fun.
We bring an active interest to every moment of your big day, not just the highlights. It is our sensitivity to the very special little happenings that give our videos so much more feeling and personality.  We never take shortcuts! We always go the extra yard to ensure a technically strong production. The average wedding day has its share of technical challenges but we come prepared to meet each one.  It takes skill and resourcefulness to ensure pleasant looking video and quality audio. Remember, this is not a video to be watched a few times and then forgotten. Your wedding video will definitely allow you to experience this perfect day over again, plus it will include many surprises and moments that you will have missed. On the 50th viewing you will still see things that you had not noticed before.
Prior to the wedding day we ask questions designed to help us get to know you.  We also keep the lines of communication open as you make your plans. However, our biggest asset is a wedding day attitude that puts you and your guests at ease. We work very hard but it shows that we are having fun, and people tend to have fun with us, and therefore our cameras! Some clients have gone as far as to say that our presence actually added to the happy atmosphere. Others couples have said that when they watched their video, they felt it was so personalized it gave the impression that we must have known them for years.
We carefully and creatively computer edit each video.  Interesting titles, musical introductions, beautiful transitions, and very touching recaps are added. The romantic montage at the end of your video is sure to make you smile as your eyes get a bit misty. Your video will be a romantic work of art that we guarantee you will cherish and view many times through the years.
Getting a great wedding video is a decision you will never regret. The key word here is "great!"