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Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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About Us

We are la Premier of Beverly Hills!

Some people paint with oils, we paint with flowers.

We'll capture your unique image and bring it to life!

Flowers echo the voices of the human heart.

While some speak with strong and powerful voices " I am beautiful and I rule. " others murmur in tones exquisitely soft and sweet, "I am little, and I am beloved."-

Which ones will you choose to express yourself?

Are you thinking of a Cirque du Soleil theme, or one out of the big band days? Something from "Phantom of the Opera" or "a Midsummers Night Dream? " or are you into punk and offbeat themes?

Only you know who you are and what your union symbolizes and how you envision your future. Let us help you achieve harmony and balance with who you are as a couple.

Your wedding is a dream becoming real, a sacred beginning.
A magical celebration of your union.

Let us help make your dream come true.

Together we'll create a never to be forgotten moment in time.

We'll work out a theme that personifies who you are as a couple. Then we'll match flower creations, entertainment, decor and fabrics.

We so love creating works of art for others to enjoy.

We'll bring our experience of working with celebrities (think Keanu Reeves, Chris Tucker, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Faye Dunaway) and doing the flowers and decor for Hollywood Premiers and Grammies to work for you.

Imagine, we'll even do this within your budget.

Come experience la Premier's magic.