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About Us

"My wedding...was such a glorious day, and certainly the happiest day of my life! I must tell you that I relive the day every time I open my wedding album. I am amazed at how you managed to capture so much of what made that day so incredible for us. You made everyone...feel so comfortable. You were able to bring out the best in everyone and it showed. The collection of black and white photographs are also so wonderful. You have such a gift of capturing the essence of every beautiful moment. I am forever grateful for your talent, your time and friendship, and for helping make my dream wedding come true" Marty Spellman

"Stacy LaCombe Photography was a highlight no only in preparing for the wedding, during the wedding, but in remembering the wedding and its special moments. Stacy has the unique qualities of creating a calm in the bride and all others in the wedding party while smoothly performing his professional magic. The photographs we received were more wonderful than we could have imagined." Bill and Susan Keywood