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About Us

The Lake String Quartet has more than 20 years of experience providing music for special events in the Twin Cities Metro Area and greater Minnesota. We customize music to your occasion. Our repertoire is the largest in the Upper Midwest. In addition to the classical repertoire we offer a broad range of Jewish, Scandinavian, Irish and popular music.

Jewish Celebrations
Within the Jewish cycle of life, there are many watershed events that are communally celebrated. A birth is marked by a bris or naming ceremony, passage into adulthood by a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the union of two people by a wedding, and so forth. In celebratory events such as these, each one called a 'simcha', Jewish music plays a prominent role. The Lake String Quartet features arrangements of nearly 200 melodies from the Ashkenazic (Eastern European), Sephardic (Spanish and Northern African), American, and Israeli traditions.

If you're selection does not appear in Search Repertoire, contact us. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and experience. If we don't have a piece in our repertoire, we may be able to get it or arrange it.

Search Repertoire
We have the largest repertoire in the Midwest. However, if there is a song that you would like to have played at your celebration which is not in our repertoire, please contact us. We often play new music, or arrange popular songs for the quartet.

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