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About Us

Élan Video is a cooperative of creative documentary artists lead by Art Institute graduate Anna Davis who have a passion for video and the human experience. We are serious about our work with years of experience in the field. Our clientele spans beyond wedding documentary to nonprofit groups and musical promotion on the corporate level.

For each wedding documentary video, we shoot with two Sony DCR VX2100 digital cameras. These cameras are less obtrusive than many other types, but deliver excellent visual and sound quality, even from a distance. For most of the event we keep our cameras on tripods to ensure a clear, stable shot. We do not come with large floodlights or microphone booms, because it is our goal to be unnoticed by both you and your guests. We stay present on site for up to eight hours, capturing all that goes on from the dressing room to the final reception dance.

Our videos are created in the Elan Documentary studio by our full time, professional video editors. This is your event, and we are happy to discuss special requests for musical selections and footage used in the final edit either before the event or shortly thereafter. A typical edited video will include a prelude montage, processional, ceremony highlights with audio, photo sessions with the photographers, special dances, speeches and toasts, a reception montage, a live dancing section, and a recap montage. We create an introspective look at your event in the most sophisticated way. Clients receive their final edited video in 3 - 4 months time.

We offer the final video on 3 DVD’s (the raw unedited footage is provided on mini dv).