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In researching photographers for my wedding, I decided I liked the photojournalist style the best. My husband and I are both artists/creative people by trade. So, both of us were very critical of our "creative" vendors. After spending hours on the internet researching sites and following up with referrals from friends and family the choice had come down to four photographers. We had met face-to-face with each of them. Since I had spent so much time researching before choosing the top four, we knew everyone had a great portfolio and catered to the photojournalist/artistic style we were going for. However, when I met Laura, the decision was easy. Laura is a fantastic photographer - that you can tell by simply viewing her website. But more than that, she is very easy-going, always smiling, and keeps your day in focus without turning into another vendor-nazi! Her calm, focused personality is what got her hired. I told my, now, husband that if we were going to have someone follow us around all day and be a part of the most intimate moments of our life, I wanted Laura. The choice was rewarded with photos my husband and I are absolutely delighted with.

Jennifer and Chad Foster (pictured above)
Married at the Hellenic Center, September 19, 2003

We are so happy with all of our photos from the wedding, I could not have asked for anything better. The day of the wedding you were great, we got through the formals fast and onto more fun things, which is exactly what I wanted. We got all the shots I asked for and so many more amazing ones that I love. Now we have gorgeous shots that will bring those memories back to us like it was yesterday. Thanks again!

- Stephanie Parron (pictured above)
November 8, 2003