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About Us

Live it once, love it forever.

Lauren Brimhall Photography made a name for itself in the Northeast, allowing us the opportunity to shoot weddings at iconic locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton University, and the Pocono Mountains. Eventually our business moved to Northern Colorado in 2011.

We believe in the big picture; photos that bring out the best in the scenery and subject alike (the composition, the light, shadows, colors and textures). We believe in the small picture; the raw emotion on your faces, the soft look in groom’s eye and slight downward curve of the bride’s mouth as they both hold back the tears.

What we want for every bride is a photojournalistic mixture of candid and posed shots to tell the story of your one special day for decades after it has passed. We never see a moment happening and ask ourselves if the bride would want that photographed, because you never know what is or isn't special to someone else. Click now and ask questions later. The formals are a staple, but what we specialize in are the artistic captures of events taken as they happen - the photos that set your memory book apart from the many others your poor guests have probably been forced to flip through. So that's our goal, beautiful portraits of brides, both classy and whimsical shots of couples, your guests butt bumping one another, whatever it is that's happening in that moment - we want to capture it all.