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About Us

"One of New York's finest photographers!" - Professional Photographer

“TELLING MOMENTS” – The New York Times

Award-winning photographer Laurie Rhodes specializes in artistic wedding photojournalism. With images published in THE NEW YORK TIMES, GLAMOUR, MODERN BRIDE, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, and PHOTO DISTRICT NEWS, among others. Laurie travels nationally and internationally to photograph weddings and her specialty is capturing human moments on film. She translates your vision with artistic style.

Client testimonials:

“The pictures are amazing. I’m speechless and still teary-eyed.” - Kacey

“What joy to find such an exceptional personality and photographer in one person. Your passion for what you do is in your voice. You have the soul of an artist. There are too many great pictures to list!" - Phyllis

“We absolutely love the pictures! Thank you so much for preserving the memory of our day in such a unique way.” - Allison

“I love your use of light. Your images remind me of Caravaggio in that way. You approach the work as a painter might. The couples in landscapes are particularly appealing. The human beings complement nature and become a part of it, rather than overwhelming the viewer. You treat the cityscapes in a similar way.” - Catherine

“We were both impressed with your work, and particularly with your personality. I think it’s easy to find someone who has either, but much rarer to come across someone who has both.” - Izabela

“I love the photos so much. You truly captured the day so beautifully. I want you to do portraits of our children. You are wonderful.” - Paige

“Lee and I had the joy of reliving Britt & Scot’s wedding through your camera’s
eye. The photos are spectacular. They capture the very essence of our celebration – the magic, the love, and the wonder of it all. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.” - Lauren

“Wow. The photos were so real and so gorgeous. Compared to most wedding pictures I’ve seen, yours are inspired.” - Susan