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About Us

There are three ingredients that make Layer Cake Films: Film. Cake. Love. We love film. We are avid Netflixers. We love cake. We are guilty of eating frosting right out of the can. And we're in love with love. Simply the name of it makes us smile, bat our eyelashes, and clutch our hands.

Layer Cake Films is a super 8mm wedding film company. Our films are fun, unique, offbeat, stylized, and custom made to your personal tastes. We believe you should have a great time on your wedding day…smile and have fun! You're with the person you love most and when you watch our films that's what we want you to remember. Everyone on the Layer Cake crew has worked in the film/photography industry for so many years we blush about it (i.e. we're experienced, been around a while, and all got degrees from film school!). We are proud to bring our cinematic talent and style to weddings to create unique films for every couple.

Instead of talking about our camera specs, our promises to make your wedding the most amazing thing ever put on film, or writing out our various resumes, we invite you to instead just watch our films and judge for yourself. We don't mind crumbs so bring a cupcake and while you're at our website you can help us answer the age-old question: Blane or Duckie? (We gotta stop watching so many films!)

Super 8mm film has been around for generations…continue the trend! Not completely sold on an entire super 8mm wedding? We offer videography as an add-on!

Remember: everyone stays for the cake!