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What to expect...

Should you permit me the honor of shooting your wedding, here’s what we’ll do.

We’ll meet together several times before the wedding. First, I’ll want to know what your goals are, what you’d like to see. Maybe you’ve seen photos in a wedding magazine you’d like to emulate. I can help you understand what it’ll take to get those shots—morning or evening, inside or out. I’ll also make suggestions as to how we can get better shots. (Maybe dressing at home is better than dressing in an oversized closet at the church.)

A few weeks before the wedding, we’ll meet again at the site and prepare further, developing a plan for the day and settling on those “must have” photos. Again, I’ll suggest ideas as to how to make those magic moments happen.

Finally, on the big day, I’ll be there early with a redundancy of equipment in a contingency plan for any unforeseen challenges. You won’t have to worry about the photography. You can just be spontaneous and enjoy the celebration. (That’s the great thing about being well prepared in advance!)