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About Us

On your wedding day, videography will be equally as important as photography. Industry experts recommend that brides budget the same for both still-photography and videography. We silently capture sacred moments in real time with real motion and real sound -- without intrusive flashes and shutter noise. We use pro wireless mics to record your vows and the conviction that comes with them; generations down the road will hear in your voice how much this day meant to you. They'll both hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance, and the laughter as you cut the cake.

Statistically, brides don't appreciate the value of video until after the wedding: before the wedding, 52% of brides consider video a "Top 10" service; after the wedding, 75% of brides consider video a "Top 10" service.

Your uncle may have offered his snazzy camera services, but is he thinking about sound, and what will he do with the raw footage? It's your legacy -- go professional!

In 2006 I took a survey and found that less than half of one percent of videographers in Greater Phoenix shoot in High Definition (HD). HD is a jaw-dropping new technology to us, but it won't be to our children and grand-children. They will live in a high-definition age and wonder how us old-timers could stomach watching standard (SD) television.

HD is shot at 1080 pixels, while a VCR tape is 240 pixels. That is a HUGE difference in both detail and color.

By 2009, all analog transmissions of television will cease to operate in the United States. Translation? You will most-likely own an HD television in the next few years if you don't already.

You'll notice my demos are widescreen -- this is a hallmark of HD. One reason why movies at the theater are so much more captivating is because the screen occupies a greater field of view, peripherally, making you feel like you are actually there, experiencing the action.

We bring five years of experience and dress professionally, with dark colors to be discreet. When we catch the groom and pastor we equip them with wireless microphones and test sound levels. For the Ceremony we attach all three cameras to tripods so that ceremony shots are steady and all zooms/pans are smooth. We will have all three HD cameras on you, so we've always got the best shot at the best time.

You will love the quality of our shots. We use HD Sony FX1s for amazing close-ups/pans/zooms. We also bring backup batteries for everything along with extra tapes and an extra wireless microphone unit, shotgun mics, etc.

Of course we will stay for as long as requested, and the final DVD is Royalty-Free for you to copy and distribute. In addition, we post your video online, so that friends and family can experience your joy with you.