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LEONARDO Swing Glasses-
You'll love the way this curved glass feels in your hand. Daiquiris to apple juice are at home in these festive tumblers. Available in ten colors. Translucent warm pastels and cool vibrant colors permeate the glass, giving a hue to enhance your favorite libation. Hey, no idea is too eccentric. Whether small, wide or tall, this glass is in motion. Enjoy them now; there is always time to grow up later. As featured on the "Today Show" Size: 6"x 3.25 15 oz.

New and exciting flutes, Drinking glasses and whisky glasses! The color is embossed into each original design. Comes in sets of 6, different designs. Elegant and informal your guests will envy your taste and creativity!

Emotion Bowls-
Organic in shape delightful to see, pure frolic of the mind to hold. Perfect for serving, fruits, candies, chips & dips or with a little granulate and a flower top! The color is just around the top rim and transcends the remainder of the bowl. This glass is wonderful!

Rio Lite Flutes-
LEONARDO Rio Lite Champagne flutes available in 10 colors. These colorful European gems made Oprah Magazine's "O" List in November 2004. "Brilliantly colored Champagne flutes are the quickest way to jazz up a simple white tablecloth and turn dinner with friends into a vibrant celebration." - Oprah Chose your favorite fun color or mix and match. What better way to celebrate bubbly! Size: 9.25" High, 8 oz.

Pisa Glasses-
Now you can serve your guests to their political persuasion. If they lean to the right or left just hand them the LEONARDO glass turned the correct direction. These heavy bottom wonders are fun and sure to be a conversation piece, but please don't try to stand these up straight. If your guests do, you know to call a cab. Available in long drink, rocks glass, or tall or wide carafe. Size: small 3" x 2" 7oz. wide 3.75" x 3.75" 10oz. tall 6"x 2.75 14 oz.

LEONARDO Contessa Table Lights add mood and feeling to any environment. Mix and match. Choose the designer color you wish to light and enjoy the flame. Available in Yellow, Red, Viola, Apple and Blue. Size: 2.5" x 3"x 3."