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15 years of experience and over 700 weddings has allowed me to provided that expert level of service to my clients. I believe in taking the time to sit down and meet with all my potential clients, before you commit to an agreement.  I provide a no-obligation consultation, I want to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered honestly and up-front.

You meet with me (not with the a sales person, not with the girlfriend or wife of the DJ...not with some other DJ).  Therefore, I respect my clients enough to personally meet with my clients. I am your DJ...I am the owner...I am the only contact, so, therefore...I know my clients by first name and their wedding details.  It's that personable "touch" and extreme care for my clients that has set the difference in my level of DJ service.

Multiple meetings are encouraged and honored throughout your planning process with me.  My goal is to ensure you are comfortable with the details of your special day and it's stress-free, fun and memorable for the both of you.

All of our wedding packages include the following:

  • FREE LED lighting package
  • FREE Shure or Sennheiser wireless hand microphone
  • Emphasize on coordination and flow of events
  • Professional emcee of events
  • Detailed reception planning guide
  • Pro Pioneer CDJ/DVD and QSC Audio Systems
  • Stress free planning
  • YOUR own customized music choices
  • Multiple meetings to plan your wedding
  • Fail safe and multiple redundant audio system back up
  • Multiple speakers from 3 to 6 speakers are set up to provide a quality, balanced and consistent volume level
  • Fully insured $2 million policy

Choose from 2 wedding packages:

Package 1– Includes all details listed above and 4 total hours of service.  NO charge for set -up or tear-down of gear.

Package 2 – A worry free and cost effective package that covers your ceremony service and wedding reception. Everything from Package 1 is included. Plus 2 additional hours of service for your prelude/ceremony service/reception. A separate audio system specifically for the ceremony service with 2 wireless lapel microphones incorporated within this package plus any additional audio equipment needed for readers or music performers.  NO charge for set-up or tear-down of gear.  6 total hours of service.

Most traditional ceremonies are held in a separate room or location from the reception area. Having an additional audio system eliminates the need to break down the audio system and transport it to the reception area. The transition from ceremony to reception is smooth and non-interrupting to guests. There is no break in music and therefore,  I can focus my attention to your guests immediately.

I will personally customize the music requests you have by providing you a list of 800+ songs from the 40’s to the most current hits today. Plus I will take any requests you may have that are not on the list and go back to our studio to custom burn CD’s tailored specifically to your own music requests.

I have a “good ear” for music and will "LIVE SPIN" the music flow of the evening to properly suit your guest’s music preferences and also the customized music choices requested from you. I don't use computers to play music.  This is too inconsistent and way, way too LAZY.  Too many DJ's presently program the music in their computer and "cross fingers" hoping the music will work.  Or simply program the music and walk away. Music choices will be tastefully clean and proper for your event. Volume levels are consistently monitored and will always be set at appropriate levels.

My philosophy is to be a minimalist DJ that blends in with environment without being over-bearing. The focus is on our clients and guests NOT on the DJ. I am a highly skilled emcee and will provide the proper announcements and coordination so all your guests and hired vendors will be informed to smoothly transition from one event to another. 

An experienced and professional DJ will not force or embarrass guests and clients to have fun; rather the expertise and vast experience I have allows me to adjust properly and work in the background, to ensure your wedding is flowing smoothly and stress free.  Allowing everybody to enjoy the vibe/groove of the music and "soak in the moment" of your very special wedding day. 


I apologize for not giving you feed back sooner. Chris and I couldn't have been happier with your services.  Everyone LOVED you, can't tell you how many compliments you've gotten, at the wedding and after.  One of my fears was that no one would want to dance and you made sure that wasn't the case.  Your choice in music was amazing.  The reception was the least stressful part of the day to me, thank you.  Our photographer Kelly blogged our photos and also included a really nice write up about you.  Let me know

Jennifer & Chris at Camp Colton


We could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding. He kept in contact with us throughout the whole wedding planning; he called and emailed us to make sure everything was running smoothly, he was like a DJ and wedding planner in one. We loved the passion he had for DJ and how he was willing to work with all of our vendors and make sure everyone was on the same page. As for the wedding day he was there not only playing the music but making sure the wedding party was where they needed to be and that guest were having a good time all at the same time. He knew how to read the reception and what music needed to be played when and he made sure all the events of the wedding were not rushed or forgotten about. He interacted with not only my husband and me for timing and music preferences but also interacted with the guest to find out what they wanted to hear. By far the best I have ever seen or heard at a wedding.

Robert & Jessica at Marriott


My wife and I really enjoyed working with you!  We were impressed by your professionalism, ability to handle people, and ability to get people dancing.  Actually on the drive home we were talking about how good of a job you did and trying to understand how you were able to get people out dancing, when we've seen so many other DJ's that don't.  We really appreciated your presence at the wedding, and would be absolutely glad to refer clients your way!

Bryan Rupp Photograhy



Thank you Matthew!!! You are amazing! We've had so many positive comments about the music at our wedding. The "day of" timeline you created and your ability to keep things flowing was instrumental in the success of our day. Kerry & Jason, Astoria, OR

Aug 23, 2012

Love, Love you and your services. Excellent and professional.

Jul 16, 2012

I really enjoyed working with, Matthew. And as a professional in this industry, who has seen a couple DJ’s, Matt really stood out from them all – professionally and just as a person. I would recommend him over and over again. ~Kelly Lindmeier

Jul 16, 2012

Matthew did an amazing job as our DJ. One of my fears was that no one would dance. Everyone was dancing and talking about how great the music was and how fun our wedding was. Thanks so much Matthew, you helped to make our day super special!

Jul 07, 2012