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About Us

As a video production company, you already know we have the knowledge, equipment and skills to provide you with a premium quality video of your wedding or event.

But our love for creating videos that tell stories, and bring families closer together, is what really separates us from the rest.

The satisfaction we get from giving couples, families and friends a lifetime of joy, laughter and tears in their video makes us better videographers each and every time. And that’s the kind of service you need.

In a “Hollywood” world, we strive to provide our clients with captivating and emotion filled accounts of their day on video, using techniques and a certain style that keep people entertained. We are romantics, we enjoy laughing, and we believe in providing our clients with videos that magnify these aspects of film with the focus on YOUR life.

We know much planning and consideration goes into your special event. The food, the decorations, and even the people, will all come and go. But having a video will keep all of them new and preserved for you to cherish for a lifetime. And that’s why we love what we do.

People choose us for our passion and experience in providing professional videography in a way that grips the heart. We do this by getting to know our clients and allowing them to know us as well. You can’t trust someone to document your most precious moments if they don’t care about the people.

You can trust Life Stage Videography. And we hope our sample videos illustrate that. We also encourage you to view our testimonials from some of our past clients. You will see the difference.

Having your special event captured on video is one of the best investments you can make into your family. Now, imagine having it professionally created in a manner that is woven with creativity and passion and is affordable!

Most brides say their wedding day flew by in a blur. So much planning, time and money go into this ONE special day, then its gone. We don’t want you to make the mistake of not having a video to look back on all the things you remembered, and missed the first time.

That’s why Life Stage Videography has created a package that is simple, and contains all the elements of a wedding video masterpiece. The additional options that add value and personality to each video, are available by choice, the rest is already provided. We pride ourselves on providing a package that makes it easy for couples to invest in a video. In wedding planning, the most important decision should be the easiest decision.

Our Package includes:

  • FULL Day Video Coverage of Ceremony and Reception - No Time Limit!
  • 2 Cameras at Ceremony, 1 Camera at Reception and 2 Wireless Microphones for Vows
  • 3 Fully Edited DVDs in commemorative case, complete with Interactive Scene Menu
  • Pre-Ceremony - Location, Flowers, People
  • Ceremony Edited as a Live Event Using Different Camera Angles
  • After Ceremony - Wedding Party and Family Photo Session
  • Reception - Location, First Dances, Food, Cake Cutting, Dancing!, People, etc.
  • Edited with musical and style preferences by each individual client

For couples on a smaller budget, we also provide a simple package of just filming the ceremony and reception, and providing clients with a DVD of unedited footage. Again, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Please Check out our website for further services we offer that will make your wedding video package priceless.