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Beauty in everything I see.

When I was a little girl, I loved compositions and layouts. Vignettes, some designers would call them. I just felt that items placed in a certain way or when captured when the light hit them at a certain moment, was beautiful. I just saw it that way. Flowers on a fence became a beat up fence line of worn out blue paint that stretched perfectly straight after all of the years of rain abuse it took with an overabundance of red flowers blooming in the afternoon light. Beautiful. A child going through adolescence looks like a small face blinded by the sunlight when looking up, squinting at you with a pink tongue sticking out through the new gab of lost baby teeth. Beautiful. A Father giving away his daughter is the teary eyed man, walking his youngest of four to the beginning moment of what will become a strong foundation for her adult life. Beautiful.

Photography has the capability.

But the best of what compositions have to offer? The feeling they provide. I love when an image can stay with me allowing me to conjure up feelings I felt the day I took that image in my mind for the first time. The ability for a dear friend to view on film a time you both shared with missing your company, a family member getting a snapshot from a day they could not witness, or to capture a moment to let those growing with you and around you look back on a time in your life. Photography can allow that.

I was a photographer when I did not even know it.

Photography was something I started from a young age, recording events for my school newspaper and memorable moments for yearbooks was just the beginning. It has stayed with me through the years and has helped me in viewing the world and the people in it a certain way. It is something I truly love, I am very passionate about and find great joy in sharing with others.

I love being a photographer.

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