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About Us

LMX Mobile Entertainment is a full service mobile entertainment company, specializing in wedding disc jockey entertainment & providing mature sophisticated fun for your classy event.

For nearly every wedding reception, the most important elements (from the guests’ point of view) are food and entertainment. We recognize from the Bride's perspective, how special and important this day really is. You've been thinking a lot about this day for a very long time. You have a vision of how you want this day to go, and no matter how hard you try - the groom will never completely understand. This by no means is any disrespect to the groom. All DJs don't always get this either. We do, and we too want everything to go perfect, because we care. You're our boss for the night. We are responsible for good preparation, grand entrance introductions, making announcements, choosing good music, mixing songs properly, interacting with your guests, as well as communicating with you. We will coordinate all activities with the room captain or General Manager of the venue, photographer and videographer so that things run smoothly and in a timely manner. There are many things that go on behind the scenes. Beginning with the start of cocktail hour, to the end of the last dance, it's our job to make everything look smooth and easy.

This team of DJ's is a great group of wedding entertainers. Frank Zappulla, Sal Fusco, Bert Fonseca, Vinnie Nadeau, Peter Devine, John Leary, & TJ Noonan genuinely care that your wedding reception becomes the special event you always dreamt of.

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Top Row: Peter Devine, Bert Fonseca, TJ Noonan, & John Leary
Bottom Row: Frank Zappulla, Sal Fusco, & Vinnie Nadeau