About Us

Lockerpartners Love Cinematography was founded in 2006 by Denver, Colorado cinematographers/editors Mary Grace Legg and Emily Swank (née Crenshaw). The duo met on an empty dance floor at a techno bar in London, England while studying theater abroad as part of their undergraduate pursuits at Colorado College. Since that fateful evening this fun loving pair went on to fill many an empty dance floor with their raucous moves and phony breakdancing and were soon only referred to in pas de deux as “Lockerpartners” (cuz if they had gone to middle school together they would have shared a locker – that’s how tight these ladies grew). These days the two are better known for their maneuverability and hustle behind the video camera. Their hope is to bring stomach flip emotion, playful humor, individuality, and glowing light to every wedding video they create. When you go with the dames of Lockerpartners Love Cinematography, your wedding video will be something you can’t helpbut share; a piece of art that will make you want to bear children – even though you thought you never wanted them – just so they can watch it someday and see how rad their parents were once upon a time; a video so YOU you’ll invent the video playing t-shirt so you can wear it on your body and make millions off the prototype (you’re welcome); but most importantly a wedding video that captures the tiny details and the overflowing feelings, the held back tears and the belly laughs, the fleeting and the forever of your best day ever.