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About Us

Wedding videography is our work of heart!

"Why should I have a video of my wedding?" Of all the services purchased for a wedding, only the professionally produced video can recreate the excitement and romance of the day. Long after the memories have faded you will have a lasting record to watch time and time again. On your wedding day you should be able to relax, enjoy all of the wonderful events, and be completely carefree knowing that skilled professionals are working to ensure wonderful experiences now and forever.

Imagine the pride on your father's face as he gives you away, the tear in your mother's eye, the sound of laughter as your best friend catches your bouquet, and you beautiful and radiant, captured forever. With professional videography you can always relive the precious moments and even share them fully with future generations, the people, the sights, the sounds. More than remembrances, contemporary videography provides a lasting opportunity to relive all the wonderful moments and experiences of your wedding.

We feel that a wedding videographer should be quietly unobtrusive, yet have the experience and artistic sensitivity to capture the priceless moments that will occur. That's why careful listening to your hopes, skillful preparation, artistic camera work, sensitive sound recording, thoughtful production and our willingness to travel anywhere in Colorado is our difference. Our hallmark!

You will be proud to show your wedding video to your family and friends. It is a precious keepsake to pass down to your children and grandchildren, a time capsule to be viewed for generations to come.

Please visit our Gallery Page to view some sample videos. Please keep in mind that these clips are brief and the web-video does not match our DVD standards. That is due to "compression" which allows for reasonable download times. We are glad to provide demonstration discs upon your request.