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About Us

Rick McKee and Tara Lowry have been photographing weddings together since 2001. As accomplished commercial, editorial and portrait photographers they have taken these skills to the fast paced ever changing world of weddings. Their photojournalistic approach to weddings is unique. Both belive that the wedding is about the bride and groom as well as the surrounding stories of the day and feel that their focus should be unobtrusive. They recognize that some couples need a little guidence so it is accomplished by positioning couples using suggested movements. Capturing sthem in moments not poses.

Rick and Tara feel that it is imperative to have a great photographer-couple relationship so that the photographer captures your true emotions. Your wedding to be special and one of a kind. Your photographs should reflect that.

Tara recognizes that weddings are stressful and feels that you should enjoy yourself. She has begun a wedding blog for Bridal Therapy tips from her photographers point of view. Please visit it at www.bridaltherapy.blogspot.com