Av. Armando Birlain Shaffler 2001
Cayetano Rubio, Estado de Querétaro de Arteaga 76090
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About Us

Lucero Alvarez is a wedding planner certified by ABC & INIBEP, the institutions

that certify wedding planners in Latin America. Our company is part of ACIBEP, the

first association of independent coordinators of weddings and professional events

in Mexico.

Our team is certified as specialists in destination weddings by SECTUR (Mexico´s

National Tourism Office). This means that we have all the tools necessary to

provide you the service you require. This is most important for a couple who do

not live in Mexico, or in the city where the wedding will be taking place. We have a

complete system that allows us to handle the coordination of the wedding project,

whether it is a local wedding, or an international event.


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