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Helping you exceed your expectations through event planning and on-site management. Our objective is simple – to create stunning events that exceed both client and guests’ expectations and goals. You can be assured to expect world-class service and personal attention to every detail.


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I got married a few days ago and it was a bittersweet moment. I couldn't wait until the day came and went just so I could be done with dealing with Luella. She was very rude, unprofessional, and always forgetting major details. I literally planned my whole wedding myself so you could say I wasted $2,000 on a wedding planner. Throughout the whole process Luella had her own agenda of forcing my husband and I to use her vendors, which we previously passed on. The first few months after signing the contract Luella went MIA and I begin to worry. We finally got in contact with her and after discussing the matter she basically told me I could fire her even though she was already paid half the money ( I have the emails and texts to prove all of this). She would take our (cash) payments for the vendors and borrow for her own personal needs. To the point where she owed our vendors money a couple weeks before the wedding. The point of having a wedding planner was to eliminate the stress from the bride and she did just the opposite. The day of the wedding was horrible!!! Nothing went as planned! From the cake cutting to the shoe game. She had an attitude with my husband and I when we asked her questions. My mother had to step in the whole night just to make sure everything went smoothly. She even left the venue before the event was over! She was supposed to clean up and pack some of the gifts, my family was left to handle everything. I had vendors calling me at the end of the night asking about their items.. which she was supposed to be handling. I texted Luella the next morning to see when we would meet again for her review, she replied "you want to see me again.. lol". At this point I will NEVER recommend Luella to anyone!! The most stressful experience of my life. I was referred to her by a Facebook friend. I did my research on her and her reviews were "perfect", I think she's writing her own reviews. I would definitely suggest anyone to stay away!!! Save your money and time. I wish someone would've told me beforehand. If anyone needs any further proof I have emails and texts to prove the way Luella goes MIA during the planning and how she talks to brides. I could go on and on about this experience but I'll leave it at this....

Aug 09, 2017

I have been a Coordinator since 2003. I take pride in my Business and well as my Team. I always asked my Brides and Clients to let me do my job and enjoy their day and celebration. When a Client refuse to let me do my job, change details 30 minutes before they are to be executed, and keep me out of the loop of added details, its very hard for me to do my job. My Team and I bring 200% to every event we are Blessed to be apart of and its unfortunate that this review is untrue and falsely stated due to ONE person that can't release control and let me do my job. I do still wish them the best!!

Luella's Creations Event Planning
Jul 18, 2018