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About Us

You've made the decision to marry and you are planning the most important moment of your life.  You want it to be perfect in every detail from the invitation to the wedding cake.  Why leave out the most important item on your to do list: your vision for your life together! Excitgement and joy take many forms so don't be surprised if you have last minute sage fright.  Questions like: Am I making the right decision? Will I still be able to be ME? How will we manage money together? What about our household roles once we're married? Will we know how to argue and disagree without ruining our marriage?  I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship and love expert. I'm mature, experienced and easy to talk to. Put premarital counseling session on your wedding to do list so you can feel more confident that you and your partner are in sync and aware of your strenths and areas of potential conflict. I can give you relationship tools to make your honeymoon last.