7025 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
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About Us

Everything you need and more than you expect

In the heart of Hollywood there is a secret hideaway…a home away from home for
travelers in the know. Completely renovated in 2004, it offers half a century of
history, amazing proximity to Hollywood’s best attractions, and most importantly,
the highest standards of customer service found anywhere in Los Angeles.

This is the Magic Castle Hotel.

Hotel guests will find the doors of the legendary Magic Castle club flung wide open
for them. This in itself is a reason to visit…for as insiders will tell you, the Magic
Castle is one of the most legendary venues in Los Angeles. A private club known
for its celebrity clientele, it only grants admission to members, friends of members
and guests at its hotel.

Mere footsteps away, one can find a myriad of attractions, including the star-
studded Walk of Fame. And just one subway stop away is Universal Studios,
Hollywood’s exciting live-action theme park.

Come stay at our hotel, and experience all the magic that Hollywood has to offer.