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“Getting Married? It’s Your Time to Shine, You Should Be A Star!”

Grab the popcorn, dim the lights, and get comfy for the premiere screening of your definitive love story. You’ll think you’re watching the latest Hollywood fairytale as you experience your wedding onscreen in stunning film-like clarity and crystal-clear Dolby Digital sound. The music builds as the opening credits reveal the stars of the show… you!

“An Audience Wants to See a Complete Story. Before, During,
and Even After the Wedding Day.”

The screen flickers and you see a touching photo-montage of your childhood evolve into a couple’s blossoming love. You hear your own voice narrating your tale as the images progress to present day: The bride-to-be’s chamber is vibrant with activity as she prepares for the most important day in her life. Bridesmaids flurry about to ensure that everything; dresses, hair, makeup, are in perfect order. The sights and sounds of this precious scene are captured so brilliantly that you can almost smell the perfume. You are then taken to a distant room to catch a rare glimpse of the groomsmen’s preparatory rituals. The final, fleeting moments of single life is recorded for posterity as the groom nervously makes his way to the awaiting guests. The audience rises to their feet as they catch their first glimpse of the breathtaking bride.

“Their Secret to Success is Blending Time-Honored Storytelling with
Leading-Edge Technology.”

Like a work of art, the ceremony is amazing, with every nuance of each participant captured in vivid detail. The first kiss seems to last forever as the scene unfolds in slow motion. The new couple is then presented through the receiving line and whisked away to the reception. This celebration of dancing, speeches, and cuisine is stylishly captured to become a timeless classic. Each guest grants an on-camera interview of well-wishes which also serves as a living record of attendance to this special event. No greater happy-ending could complete this saga than actual video and photos from your honeymoon incorporated right into your own wedding movie and preserved forever on DVD. You are presented with a special 2-Disc “Box Set” that includes all the bonus materials from your wedding like trailers, featurettes, and love story.

“Unmatched Quality Combined with Affordable Packages
Never Before Available to the Public.”

Magic Emotion Pictures, a division of Brilliant Screen Entertainment, presents a unique and affordable way to preserve and experience your priceless wedding moments forever. But they do not just create wedding videos. Their 10+ years of motion picture experience utilizes Hollywood feature film production techniques to craft an enchanting movie about you and your spouse. Your wedding is shot with two or three professional cameras, wireless microphones, and a steadycam. The raw footage is edited into a feature complete with music and credits. In addition, “featurettes”, montages, and a trailer for your movie are created. The audio and video is digitally mastered, presented on custom DVDs, and packaged in exactly the same way as the latest blockbuster title. An increasingly popular item is the Love Story featurette, which is shot before the wedding and played back for your guests at the reception. This gives family and friends an opportunity to learn more about your partner.

For more information, as well as DVD demos of their unique work, you can contact Magic Emotion Pictures by calling 602-616-4496 or visit them online at: www.MagicEmotionPictures.com

Magic Emotion Pictures