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To share in creating a wedding is both an honor and a joy. It's the very beginning of two lives intertwining into one. Tradition, adventure or your special theme, this is your day and the wedding ceremony an expression of your individuality and love for each other.

Traditional Ceremonies If you want a traditional ceremony, at home, in a garden or chapel, I am honored to help make the day as special, personal and joyful as possible. Together we can create a ceremony specifically for the two of you. We will weave vows, poems, songs, dreams and your words into a unique day to carry you into your new life together.

Adventure Ceremonies As a lover of nature and the outdoors I offer services that are unique for couples who want to exchange vows while doing what they love to share. Almost any activity can become part of your wedding. Imagine rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking be it sea or white water, horseback riding or floating into the sunset in a hot air balloon. At the base of a waterfall or your favorite, great old tree, you can say I do.

Theme Ceremonies I've helped a few couples build their wedding around a theme. One of the most charming and fun was of a western theme with every one in the wedding party dressed from the old west. The groom played guitar and sang to his bride, a song from their courtship. A good old-fashioned hoe down followed the ceremony.

On your wedding day
Sing like nobody's listening
Dance like nobody's watching
Love like you've never been hurt

After the Ceremony If you decide to have children I would be pleased to offer a free non-denominational naming ceremony for your first child.

Celebrating Life Together
Make It Special