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About Us

Stephan Maloman has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, specializing in commercial, editorial and fashion photography. Shooting weddings was simply put, not “cool” back in the mid 90’s and no one had any respect for wedding photographers. Weddings were not on his agenda until he was asked by friends to photograph their weddings based solely on his commercial/fashion work. He then realized he has the ability to capture and dynamically portray the intimate moments of this unique and special day in his own style, bringing back the “cool” in wedding photography with his very edgy and unusual images. This has made him very popular among brides (and grooms).

Today, along with his wife Candace, his mission is to capture the natural, unstaged moments of the wedding event, reflecting the excitement and emotions in the spirit of photojournalism with a fashion/editorial touch. Documented, photojournalistic style coverage is his hallmark. He will always attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible and not stage a moment that will make the photo look artificial or unnatural.

Stephan will always be the main photographer and based on the size of the wedding and necessity, an assistant or Candace will assist him. Candace, who loves helping him on every wedding, also cracks jokes… which is helpful with nervous brides.