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About Us

"Only that which narrates can make us understand." --Susan Sontag

Janine began her photographic career at a young age, immediately attracted to the camera as a way to see her surroundings. A native Brazilian, Janine went to the United States at the age of 16 and felt a kinship with the photographic image, as a way to both understand her new surroundings and speak a familiar language.

With a background in cultural anthropology and photography, Janine uses her uniquely trained eye to view the world through her lens. As her education suggests, she is concerned with the origin, nature and destiny of her subjects. She studied under award winning photojournalist Andy de Lucia, from whom she learned how to document people without being intrusive. Janine firmly believes in teaching and honing skills in the darkroom before moving on to digital media. She taught these methods at the Sacramento City College, where she was the first woman to teach photography.

Janine's photography has been featured in both print and galleries, locally and internationally. In addition to her wedding and commercial work, she is intimately involved with special projects in Brasil and Sri Lanka. She recently completed a six month documentary project living in a secluded village in the Sri Lankan jungle. She has also documented the lives of the Tremembes, an indigenous culture of northern Brasil.

Her versatility and intimate documentary form allow her access to what might otherwise be the unseen image. Janine finds moments rather than creating them and her work is distinguished by technical precision combined with warmth and humanity. Janine is currently available for weddings, editorials, portraiture and documentary photography projects.