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About Us

Timeless…….. If there was any one word my clients use most often to describe the work I deliver to them it’s “timeless”.

What is timeless photography?

This story describes how I see it and what I really give to my clients.

Imagine if you will the year is 2032 and a woman is pulling out a box out of the closet. This is the box that holds all those photographs from her wedding now 20 years past. As she starts to go through the photos it isn’t the fancy poses or post processing techniques that she stops to enjoy and brings a smile to her face.

It’s the moments, emotions, feelings and thoughts of that day so long ago that these pictures bring back to her mind like it was yesterday. She’s remembering all the thoughts and feelings going through her mind and soul on her wedding day.

It's the loving smile on a grooms face the first time he sees his beautiful bride. It's the tear in a fathers eye the first time he sees his baby girl in her wedding gown. It’s the moment lost in each other’s arms during their first dance. This is timeless wedding photography.

The real service I give my clients isn’t on their wedding day but rather years later as my photography brings them back to that moment in their hearts and minds.

Now, imagine that this woman is you. What are you hoping to find when you open that box of photographs? I would love to sit down and hear your answer to that question and discuss what I can do to help you make it reality.