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About Us


You are planning your perfect wedding. It's the most important day of your life. And your marriage is the most important relationship you'll ever have. Now is the perfect time to learn the essential building blocks and skills you need to have a successful marriage. It's the perfect time to learn more about each others strengths and weaknesses and connect at a much deeper level. 

What would you give to avoid potential problems and unnecessary heartache in the future? That would be a gift of love - to each other. 

The Marriage Bootcamp is an intensive 4-hour Couples Coaching Session for Pre-Marital and Newlywed Couples to address these common issues:

  • Learn the essential building blocks of a lasting marriage

  • Understand your partner

  • Learn how to meet the emotional needs of a man

  • Learn how to meet the emotional needs of a woman

  • Avoid the common love destroyers

  • Learn the steps to effective conflict resolution

  • Communicate at a deeper level

  • Discover the underlying causes of your conflicts and distress

  • Protect your relationship and keep the fun and romance

Make Your Marriage a Priority from the Start!

How does the Program work?

You and your partner will start by taking the PREPARE/ENRICH online inventory to identify your current strengths and growth areas as a couple. We look at 10 Core Relationship Areas, such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sexuality and Affection, Spiritual Beliefs, Personality Styles, etc. 

You then meet with Katriela Isaacson, CRC, CPC at the office for an intensive 4-hour Couples Coaching Session. In general, we will spend the first half of your session going over your relationship profile. The second half of the session will be focused on skill building and goal planning for your marriage. This program can also be done by phone, for your convenience. 

How much does the Marriage BootCamp cost?

The Marriage BootCamp is $360, and includes the online testing as our gift to you (a $50 value). Please allow about 2 hours of homework and exercises prior to your appointment, in addition to the 4-hour coaching session. 

We are very committed to helping you succeed in your relationship. The Marriage BootCamp is the perfect way to prepare for your marriage. It is an investment in your marriage and in your future. And to make it accessible to everyone, this program is very affordable. 

Katriela Isaacson is a Marriage and Family Educator, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and a Facilitator for Prepare/Enrich. Katriela is the Program Director for The Marriage Clinic programs, workshops, classes, and events. 


Prepare/Enrich is a very comprehensive relationship inventory that has been used by nearly 3 million couples. It's been rigorously tested with high reliability. Research shows that couples who take premarital training can reduce the likelihood of divorce by 30 percent. And couples with premarital education have higher marital satisfaction, higher commitment, and lower marital conflict.

Make Your Marriage Last a Lifetime

Take 4 hours for you and your partner to focus on learning what it takes to create a successful marriage. It's a small investment which will make the biggest difference in your future together.