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About Us

Platinum, palladium, all karats and colors of gold, sterling silver, even niobium can be used to create your bespoke jewelry. Stones find their place in pieces sometimes too, whether conflict-free sourced for you, or from your own collection. Diamonds, colorful precious gems, even broken pieces of glass and crystal, all have significance in these pieces. Every element of the design is intentional. The final piece speaks of the wearer in a very personal way.

It all starts with a good brainstorming session. I very happily work with clients near and far, using Skype, email, photographs, and videos to assist our conversation. If you're near Charlottesville, Virginia, come for a studio visit. We'll use this initial meeting time to throw everything out on the table. I'll ask a lot of questions, and answer all of yours. We can discuss materials you may have, intentions for this piece, meaning, symbolism, feel, look, colors, textures, sizing and more.