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About Us

Martino's Catering Saves You Time
And Money So That You Can Relax,
Enjoy And Be Confident
On Your Most Special Day

Martino's Catering caters several weddings each week during the entire year. We know great weddings! Contact us today and our event planner will take the pressure off you as Martino's' creates your vision for the most important day of your life.

With Our Complimentary Consultation

We will take the stress out of your event planning and make it easy, effortless, and fun.

We work with your budget and create a fantastic menu and settings for your tastes.

We help you plan your menu, find just the right venue and assist you locating qualified and seasoned vendors.

Choose from our Platinum, Gold, or Value Packages that best suit your most creative fantasies.

Bring tears to your eyes as you read our wall of amazing testimonials from our happy brides, grooms and parents.

Allow you to take advantage of our exciting special promotions.

We set aside your wedding date years in advance for your peace of mind.

Call for Shellie today and get more bang for your wedding!

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