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Mary Kay Cocharo, MFT

ServicesPremarital Counseling 

Research shows that couples who receive some form of premarital counseling have lower divorce rates than those who fail to fully explore complex relationship issues prior to their weddings.  As your relationship therapist, I can help you explore and discuss your opinions and feelings regarding:


  • Life Style Expectations
  • Friends and Family Support
  • Personality Match
  • Personal Issues and Habits
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Religion and Values
  • Parenting Goals
  • Extending Family Dynamics
  • Sexuality
  • Finances
  • Readiness for Commitment
  • Career Goals and Values
  • Cohabiting
  • Remarriage

Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensives One and Two Day Private Sessions that will Transform your Relationship Forever. Please contact me today for cost and scheduling.

8 Hour Premarital Workshop: Start Right, Stay Connected.  $300 per couple includes workbooks. Check website for upcoming dates.

“Marriage is not only the expression of love between two people, it is also a profound evocation of one of life’s greatest mysteries: the weaving together of many different strands of the soul.” –Thomas Moore

If you are engaged  (or even moving in that direction), you can’t afford to miss Start Right, Stay Connected.  This 8 hour Imago workshop is a fun and dynamic program designed to provide couples with a solid foundation as they start their journey together. In this concise and informative workshop, couples will learn: powerful communication skills tools for dealing with relationship “hot buttons” effective conflict resolution how to remove negativity from their relationship how to keep romance alive how to “affair-proof” their marriage Topics addressed include wedding planning, relationships with family, and concerns about money, housework, intimacy, and children.

2 Day Intensive Workshop: Over the Bridge~This is a 2 day fast-paced, deeply tranformational format for all committed couples. Whether engaged or married, couples who participate will learn basic principles and essential rituals that will become practical, every day tools for vitalizing your relationship, growing your connection and guiding each other on to the path of Relational Maturity. Offered in Northern and Southern California.  Call or email for dates and availability.

Don’t spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars preparing for your wedding day and forget to prepare for your marriage!

Email or call me today to reserve your spot. Mary Kay


Some comments from couples who've participated in recent workshop:

"Your program is amazing and will definitely help grow our bond as a couple" --NS, groom

"Mary was fantastic! She helped us learn things about each other that 8 years of being together hadn't revealed. We are very grateful for the experience.  Thank you!"--MP, bride

"Amazing workshop! Mary Kay does an excellent job of explaing things in an easy to understand applicable format."--NF, bride

"Thank you for everything. This day was very useful to me as a future husband and I would definitely recommend it to interested couples."--JL, groom

“Mary Kay’s work with couples is absolutely transformative. In my own relationship during the short time of this (Over the Bridge) workshop, my husband and I were able to discover, share, and repair old wounds and create a deeper sense of connection. This workshop is for any couple, old or new , happy, or struggling". —JE, wife

Over the Bridge, a Workshop for Couples, transformed my relationship with my wife. We were given a number of powerful tools and processes to take home to help us grow, defuse reactive situations and ultimately to bring more peace and happiness into our marriage and lives. The entire weekend was chalked full of variable insights, exercises and techniques. I would recommend this workshop to any couple at any stage of their relationship, whether married, considering marriage, having major challenges or not.  —FF, husband





If you are in LA preparing for your wedding don't forget to sign up for your premarital counseling. For over 25 years, I've helped couples like you create a marriage vision, deepen connection, improve communication skills and plan for the future. Offering individual sessions and workshops.

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